Get Your Fiesta On With These Cinco de Mayo T-Shirts

Get Your Fiesta On With These Cinco de Mayo T-Shirts

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated on May 5th every year. It's also known as Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla. This holiday is celebrated in Mexico and the United States in honor of a victory in 1862. This year Cinco de Mayo is on Thursday, May 5th, 2022

Here at House of Locos, we have selection of fun clothing and accessories for Latinos. You are going to have fun drinking tequila, cerveza and eating Mexican street food including our favorite tacos. But, pari is not complete without our funny t-shirts to dress up at the Cinco event to spread positive and funny Cinco de Mayo vibe.

Following are few of our bestseller tees that can be perfect for your Latino and Latina in friends and familia.


1 El Borracho Loteria T-Shirt

el borracho mexican loteria t-shirt

Perfect Borracho Mexican Loteria shirt for collection to wear it all year round. It's party time to get drunk. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo through this cool El Borracho Mexican loteria shirt and spread drunk vibe.

Buy El Borracho Mexican Loteria T-Shirt Here

2 The Devil Whispered Bring Tacos T-Shirt

The Devil Whispered Bring Tacos T-Shirt

Cinco de Mayo is not complete without Tacos and Tequila. This The Devil Whispered I Am Coming For you, I Whispered back... bring tacos t-shirt is perfect way to show off you love taco life. Wear this shirt this Cinco de Mayo and spread message that you are here at the Party to have fun and enjoy some tacos.

Buy The Devil Whispered Bring Tacos T-Shirt Here

3 El Viejo T-Shirt

el viejo t-shirt

Add some humor through this our one of the best selling t-shirt. Perfect t-shirt to gift someone who is in that age range or even to tease someone who has just crossed 40s.

Buy El Vijeo T-Shirt Here

4 Mexican Chingon T-Shirt

Mexican Chingon T-Shirt

Show off you are one badass, strong and fighter Chingon this Cinco De Mayo. This Mexican Chingon t-shirt features Mexican flag to spread the Cinco de Mayo spirit.

Buy Mexican Chingon T-Shirt Here

5 El Jefe T-Shirt

El Jefe T-Shirt

This comfy El Jefe t-shirt is perfect for the man of the house who works hard to bring bread on the table and take care of the familia. Oh yeah, it can be great gift for dads, tios and abuelos.

Buy El Jefe T-Shirt Here

6 La Jefa Del Jefe T-Shirt

La Jefa Del Jefe T-Shirt

It says it, the boss's boss. Awesome and funny t-shirt for the lady of the house. Couple can pair this shirt with El Jefe shirt and wear it at Cinco de Mayo event or pari.

Buy La Jefa Del Jefe T-Shirt Here

7 Mexcellent T-Shirt

Mexcellent T-Shirt

You don't have to explain about you, just wear this awesome t-shirt and people will get idea you are one Chingon. You are definetly going to get lots of compliments.

Buy Mexcellent T-Shirt Here

8 Chingona AF T-Shirt

Chingona AF T-Shirt

Tribute to all Chingona, this Chingona AF t-shirt has been our customer's favorite. Chingona AF shirt features floral design in vibrant colors. Time to party and show off energy through this cool and vibrant shirt. You may also like our selection of other Chingona T-Shirts here.

Buy Chingona AF T-Shirt

9 Borracho League Snapback Hat

Borracho League Snapback Hat

Time to party, let your inner borracho take over the party. This snapback hat is perfect for everyday collection as it can be used while hanging out with friends and family, especially at bar.

Buy National Borracho League Snapback Hat Here

10 No Cerveza No Trabajo Snapback Hat

No Cerveza No Trabajo Snapback Hat

Add some humor through our No Cerveza No Trabajo snapback hat. Let your hat do talking for you, No Beer No Work.


Buy No Cerveza No Trabajo Snapback Hat Here

You may also want to check our entire selection of cinco de mayo t-shirts and bestseller t-shirts for Latinos collection.


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