Our Story

While hanging out every weekends with my few best friends from Mexico, got fascinated with Latin culture and humor. It inspired me to learn Spanish enough to understand some jokes and common conversation with friends.

But, tough part was to understand the slang and more confusing was to relate humor filled short slangs followed by their fun laugh. It made me more curious to learn the meaning of those short slangs.

Apart from the great time enjoying guacamole, salsa, Latin music and tequila shots, we never thought it will turn out this good. By the way it may not really interest you at all but just FYI .. :)  my favorite song is Besame mucho by Consuelo Velazquez !

One Friday night while having drinks with friends, one of my friends said "No Cerveza No Trabajo".. And everyone started to laugh. I asked about the real meaning and asked my amigos if they would really wear a hat or shirt with that saying... and everyone liked the idea! – So, there we decided to build our own fun clothing inspired with Latin culture and humor.

After that weekends, with that in mind, we struck out to design a clothing line that celebrates all that is great about Latin culture and humor.

House of Locos is the place where we celebrate Latin culture and humor through our fun clothing and accessories.

PS: Oh well, based on majority of all our favorite and loyal Chingona customers, their favorite quote is "La Jefa del Jefe" ! so what's yours?

Please feel free to share your favorite funny Spanish slang or quote that we can translate into clothing design. Click here to send your message.


God Bless Latin Community & Culture

Victor Sevale